Data security

80% of Czech managers are concerned
about the security of their digital communication

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the global financial loss connected to cybercrime was estimated to be around 500 billion US dollars in 2015 and is expected to exceed 3 trillion US dollars in 2019.

It thus comes as no surprise, 80%* of Czech lawyers, managers and company owners are worried that 3rd parties could be trying to get to their business or personal communication. Yet they also admit that they do not have any systems in place to protect their communication.

* Sample size of 2173 managers – recent survey conducted by the SANEP research company

Survey infographics

Survey infographics (PDF).

Now you can effectively protect yourself against both passive and active cyber-attacks with BabelApp, your secure communication platform.

BabelApp instantly provides cross-platform encrypted communication between computers with Windows or MacOS and mobile devices with iOS, Android and BlackBerry – independent of location and connection type.

BabelApp is quickly and easily installed into mobile devices or computers for personal use and in corporate networks or the cloud for business use, delivering instant safe communication and transfer of data. Corporate installation allows for complex supervision, integration and user administration.

BabelApp combines strong cryptographic algorithms and protocols to ensure authenticity, integrity and privacy of communication and sending of documents between computers and mobile devices.

BabelApp supports easy integration with third party applications such as document, customer or mobile device management systems, ensuring automated and secure transfer of data, information, documents and files between business applications and users.

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