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Company:DP Com Tel s.r.o.
Region:Czech Republic
Partner:Techonology partner & Reseller

DP Com Tel s.r.o. was founded in 1996, providing sales and support services in the IT industry. Within past 20 years, DP Com Tel grew from a small IT company into a leader in the Czech IT industry by taking away all the headaches that clients have with keeping their IT up and running 24/7. Partnering with DELL and other significant players only adds to the significance.
Company:Yellow Cube
Region:Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia

Yellow Cube is an IT security oriented, value added distribution group of companies with local presence in 15 countries. Based in Hungary, Yellow Cube has offices in Ajka, Budapest, Bratislava, Bucharest, Olomouc and Prague. Yellow Cube represents specialist vendors to provide complex protection of computer networks, endpoints, users and data. With products covering both infrastructure and human security, Yellow Cube provides a wide range of solutions from basic security needs to behavior-based advanced threat protection.
Company:Notlin Technologies
Region:USA, South America, Caribbean and Africa
Partner:Technology partner & Reseller

Notlin Technologies LTD is a premier technology consulting firm specializing in network enterprise solutions. Notlin Technologies utilizes its 20 years of experience and expertise to assist companies in maximizing their business growth via technological innovation and know-how.
Region:Czech Republic

Our basic philosophy is that IT has to be beneficial to the user and not a nightmare. Therefore we offer a wide range of services and products from which you can compose a solution that best meets your needs. We like to invent solutions based on existing products and services of our or our partners. Our team is composed of professionals with experience in large projects, who know how to successfully complete projects, which involve multiple vendors.
Company:System4u s.r.o.
Region:Czech Republic
Partner:Techonology partner & Reseller

System4u is an excellent partner with a long term tradition in IT and one of the leading providers of EMM solutions on the Czech market. Thanks to our experience with mobile device management in corporate environments we have an in-depth knowledge of implementation and support of these systems for any number of users.
Company:Master Internet
Region:Czech Republic
Partner:BabelApp cloud Reseller

Master Internet operates data centers in Prague and Brno and has more than fifteen years of experience in this field. We have grown from the small hosting and data services provider into a leading data center operator with its own cloud platform. At present, our main goal is to help businesses in optimizing their server solution and achieve the highest possible availability. Considering increasing cost of electricity will also focus on the latest technology with reduced power consumption.

Partnership benefits


OKsystem is a privately owned company with long, stable economic growth and more than 25 years' experience in the IT sector.


Corporate communication requirements have changed significantly over the last five years. Companies need to communicate not only quickly, but above all safely and securely.


We provide comprehensive and bespoke training, so that you can successfully sell, implement and maintain BabelApp as quickly as possible.


OKsystem provides its partners with superior business and technical support for capturing business opportunities and executing implementations.

Partnership opportunities

Tech Partners

Trained and authorized to sell, install, and implement Babelnt and to provide top level support.


Can present, market and sell BabelApp. Services related to its installation, deployment and maintenance are executed by OKsystem or a Technology Partner.


BabelApp is easily connected to third-party systems. This allows us to offer customers more comprehensive and integrated solutions.

Integration examples

Canon multifunction

BabelApp allows the connection of Canon multifunction printers using an API, making it possible to safely scan from Multi Functional Canon printers directly to BabelApp application installed client devices.

HR systems

BabelApp ensures the safe distribution of sensitive information such as payroll slips, encrypting directly from the HR system to BabelApp application installed client devices.

Document Management Systems

BabelApp can be connected to Document Management Systems, enabling the secure sending and distribution of sensitive documents such as contracts - not only within a corporate environment and network, but more importantly to outside contacts.

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