Why use BabelApp?

Threats associated with unsecure communication

Do you use mobile devices?

Your business and personal communication is increasingly taking place via the internet and mobile devices. Unlike on a protected corporate network, mobile traffic use can be tracked very simply with mobile devices being easy to steal or lose. There is too much information of value in your mobile – contacts, messages, documents, sign-in details – which you simply cannot afford to be compromised!

Long term eavesdropping on your communication, which you do not even know about, has far more serious consequences than a lost cellphone!

Do you discuss important issues over phone?

Your phone calls can be eavesdropped on in various ways – e.g. using an application or malware code in your mobile phone or passive radio reception between mobile phone and transmitters, creating a fake transmitter or eavesdropping through mobile operators.

It is almost impossible to detect if someone is trying to eavesdrop on your conversation.

Worried about complying with GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens citizens’ rights. On the other hand, GDPR reduces the burden for companies and public authorities that have to meet new and more restrictive requirements regarding personal data processing, storing and protects against being fined if they do not comply. Sensitive personal data sent via unencrypted wireless means of communication (e-mail, phone, social networks) is regarded as a violation of privacy and the law. Go to gdpr2018.cz

Running a business means processing sensitive personal data.

Do you use e-mail?

E-mail is the standard for company and private communication. Huge amounts of corporate, business as well as personal information are being sent every day... in a completely unsecured manner. E-mails are permanently stored on e-mail servers, which are easy to break into, resulting in valuable and sensitive information being stolen. And then there are those popular public e-mail services, where the fine print results in you handing over direct consent for the service providers to use all your stored and transmitted content and data!

Standard e-mail systems are the enemy of your business security and personal privacy!

Do you store documents on your computer?

Many documents are only intended for internal use, some containing trade secrets and other proprietary information. Each of these documents is stored on a server, personal computer or mobile device. Don't be naive and assume that a robust corporate computer password, or a computer that is turned off, renders your documents inaccessible.

Every company has a network administrator and cleaner - are they cleaning you out?

Do you connect regularly to a WiFi network?

Many places don't have a fixed Internet connection and businesses in these areas are permanently connected via a wifi network. More than half of Internet users who are offsite - be it on business trips or vacation - connect via wifi. Public wifi especially has minimal security and it is very easy for an attacker to set up and operate a fake wifi.

Attacks "on the road" via wifi networks are easy, common and growing!

Got one of those cool messaging apps?

Using the same cool messaging app as all of your friends, colleagues and hundreds of millions of people around the world? Great that it’s completely free and with no ads. But everything that’s free always comes at a cost!

Free is a bad choice for business, especially yours!

What about your customers and partners?

You may have “nothing to hide", however your customers or partners do – personal data, trade secrets, medical data, financial transactions, business deals, know-how... all available to the world with several key strokes!

If you want to keep your customers and partners, you have to protect their secrets!

Each and every yes to the above questions is a serious problem. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security
– make the right and safe decision for your communication.

BabelApp will provide the right secure communication, allowing you to replace the unsafe service, which you are probably running on. From experience we know of many compelling reasons to start using BabelApp and there will be many more that you yourself will be aware of. Threats to communication security are a clear and present danger and it's time for change.

Management and business

Sending sensitive data via e-mail, messaging or SMS? As executives you are highly attractive targets for eavesdropping and industrial espionage on a daily basis. BabelApp ensures delivery of the required level of encrypted communication with colleagues and business partners. The competition never sleeps and unsecured communication could be costly!

Lawyers and consultants

Does your client need to have the reassurance that you are communicating together safely? Your daily work with sensitive information about your clients requires protection. Whether from legal offices, courthouses, or directly from the field, as a lawyer, consultant, financial advisor or investment banker you work on a daily basis with confidential data and information that must not escape or be stolen. Secure, encrypted communication with clients is a necessity!

Financial sector

Are you sure that sensitive documents and client instructions are being sent safely? Set a new standard in client safety and only send financial and personal data in encrypted form. Mobile devices are vulnerable and easy to exploit when outside a secure company network, thus exposing all your business communication with clients along with sensitive data to the outside world. Protect your communication with your clients and avoid the risk of message interception and confidential information being compromised!


Are you really meeting the demands of today's stringent regulatory requirements for the protection of sensitive medical data and personal information when communicating with patients, doctors, laboratories or other medical facilities? BabelApp offers healthcare facilities a comprehensive solution for secure encrypted communication, ensuring safe sharing of sensitive information not only within and between hospitals and medical partners but also with patients. Avoid problems with violating medical confidentiality!

Media and journalists

Are your sources safe? When writing about human rights violations, political scandals, corruption, business news or simply local goings on, you and especially your sources could be in grave danger. Collect information safely, protect your sources and pass your important stories on to the world in a secure manner. Your writing is your livelihood – encrypt it!

Industry and constrution

Are you sure your bids, business plans and sensitive technical details are only being sent to clients and partners? Or are you a daily news source for your competitors? Espionage is rife in the construction and industry sectors, and whether communicating from the field, factory floor or design facility, you will be increasingly using mobile devices. Don’t broadcast your secrets to the world, communicate with headquarters, suppliers and customers securely!

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